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single/double/four spindle gun drilling machine

Product Description

This machine is a special deep hole drilling machine with high efficiency, high precision and high automation. It adopts the method of cutting by external discharge (gun drilling method). Through one continuous drilling, it can replace the machining precision and surface roughness which can be achieved by the general drilling, expanding and reaming processes. The machine is controlled by digital control system, which not only has single action function, but also has automatic circulation function. In order to improve the machining efficiency, the machine is also equipped with two or four power head structures. Therefore, it can be suitable for small batch processing, especially for the processing requirements of mass production. The machine tool can drill through hole, blind hole and step hole, and can also process eccentric hole and inclined oil hole when matching with special tooling.

Machine features

1. The bed body and box body are made of high-quality cast iron with good rigidity and stability.

2. In the process of drilling deep hole, there is no need to withdraw the cutter halfway.

3. It is controlled by numerical control system with high degree of automation.

4. The feed motion is driven by AC servo motor and driven by ball screw pair, which can be adjusted steplessly.

5. It adopts sliding guide rail, and the moving parts are pasted with plastic. It runs stably at low speed without crawling.

6. The spindle of drill pipe box can be continuously variable.

7. The main shaft bearing and guide rail surface are lubricated automatically and intermittently.

8. The high pressure cooling system adopts frequency conversion motor to drive gear pump, and adopts immersion cooler to control oil temperature.

9. Use automatic chip removal machine to remove chips.

10. The machine adopts totally enclosed protection form, which is convenient to observe and beautiful as a whole. 11. It has a variety of automatic monitoring devices.

technical specifications  

technical specificationsZK2102AZK2102A×2ZK2102A×4ZK2103AZK2103A×2ZK2104A
Number of spindles124121
Spindle spacing
Drilling diameter range3-20mm3-20mm3-10mm4-16mm8-20mm6-30mm6-30mm10-40mm
Maximum drilling depth500/1000mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm
Maximum drilling depth500/1000mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm440/950mm
Maximum speed of drill pipe box7000r/Min7000r/Min7000r/Min6000r/Min5000r/Min7000r/Min6000r/Min3000r/Min
Main motor power of drill pipe box4kW4kW×23.7kW×24kW×25.5kW×25.5kW5.5kW×27.5kW
Headstock spindle speed (fixed)380r/Min600r/Min500r/Min380r/Min600r/Min380r/Min
Power of headstock main motor1.5kW3kW2.2kW×21.5kW2.2kW5.5kW
Tool feed speed range (stepless)5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min
Spindle speed of drill pipe box (stepless)800-7000r/Min800-7000r/Min1000-7000r/Min800-5000r/Min600-4000r/Min600-6000r/Min
Feed speed range (stepless)5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min5-500mm/Min
Fast moving speed of tool feed3m/Min3m/Min3m/Min3m/Min3m/Min3m/Min
Tool feed motor torque7.7Nm7.7Nm7.7Nm10Nm10Nm10Nm
Cooling system maximum pressure10MPa10MPa10MPa10MPa10MPa10MPa
Cooling system maximum flow100L/Min100L/Min100L/Min100L/Min150L/Min100L/Min150L/Min150L/Min
Total power of machine tool (about)20kW24kW39kW40kW42kW22kW28kW38kW
Overall dimension of machine tool (L × w × h)4.05/5.05×4.05×2.05m
Total weight of machine tool (about)6t/7t6t/7t6t/7t6t/7t6t/7t7t/8t
Machining aperture accuracy of machine toolIT7-IT11
Machining roughness of machine toolRa0.4-3.2µm
Center line deviation of machining holewith workpiece fixed :≤1mm/1000mm;with workpiece fixed :≤0.5mm/1000mm。(Aspect ratio≤100:1)
Straightness of machining hole≤0.05mm/100mm。(Aspect ratio≤100:1)



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