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Introduction about gun drills

Drillstar gun drills is fabricated entirely in accordance with standardized machining

Product Description

As a key part to the gun drill, drill edge guarantees cutting and self-guidance by its specially scientific combination structure to drill a highly precise hole by one -time penetration. Drill edge has two basic parameters. On the basis of the parameters, the best combination can be selected according to work-piece material and form for better balance between cutting force and chip breaking and transferring cutting force to support shoulder with the aim of good straightness and coaxiality.drill tip can make drill body rotates freely without friction against internal hole wall.

According to different requirements, the edge has single circular hole, kidney-shaped hole and double-circular holes with channels connected to oil passage of the tool blade so that high -pressure coolant travels through the passage to the cutting point and removes chips.

Shank is made of special aviation alloy steel through heat treatment, The blade has a 115--165° V-shot where high pressure cutting fluid passes through driven handle and oil hole to be drained away with chips to guarantee cutting straightness and coaxiality. The blade shall be strong enough to provide the torque needed by cutting under small twist deformation,meanwhile, it shall be tough to absorb vibration resulted from high -speed blade rotation.

Driven Handle transfers torque between machine tool and drill bit, high rotation precision between Drillstar drill handle and stem avoids extra vibration to improve precision and reliability. Drillstar gun drills is fabricated entirely in accordance with standardized machining . its neck with the blade has a smooth arc slot to removes stress for avoiding damage due to stress concentration

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