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Gun Drills Accessory

Chip Box

Flexible plastic bushings stretch over carbide gun drill tip and contract over steel tube to
stop drill whipping and vibration. Contoured hole in forms perfect seal on gun drill.



Accessories with round holes are used in the steadyrest. This speeds drill loading by eliminating the need to orient the contoured hole in the accessory with the drill. Extra clearance in them allows drill tip to slide through easier. Also helps prevent steadyrest from being dragged out of position.


Drill Guides

Flexible plastic Drill Guide bushings stop drill whipping and seal the chip box by stretching over the carbide drill tip and contracting onto the steel drill body. They are typically mounted in a bearing and rotate with the drill. This is our first and oldest product and is still used by many customers to maximize penetration rates, accuracy, and stop vibration. These bushings perform the same function as our products. Our signature Blue Bushings guarantee you top quality



Chip Deflectors

stop metal chips and cutting oil from exiting the back of the chip box. They provide sealing only and no drill support. They are used on gun drill machines on short rigid drills when whipping is not a problem. They are also used in front of a Drill Guide or a Seal to extend bushing and bearing life. Chip Deflectors feature a hardened steel face bonded to a flexible polymer backing to provide perfect sealing on the drill and long life.



Steady rest bushing for BTA ,Ejector and STS drills

Stop vibration and drill whipping. These flexible plastic bushings support the tube with a slight compression fit and are mounted in a bearing on the steadyrest.


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