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Carbide end mill

Alloy end mill refers to a milling cutter made of cemented carbide.

Product Description

Alloy end mill refers to a milling cutter made of cemented carbide. To understand cemented carbide milling cutters, you must first know what is cemented carbide. Carbide is a carbide (WC, TiC) micron powder of high hardness refractory metal as the main component, with cobalt (Co) or nickel (Ni) , Molybdenum (Mo) as a binder, powder metallurgy products sintered in a vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace.


Carbide milling cutters are mainly divided into: solid carbide milling cutters. Carbide straight shank milling cutters. Carbide saw blade milling cutters. Carbide spiral drill milling cutters. Carbide machine reamer milling cutters. Carbide end mill. Carbide ball end mill


Carbide milling cutter uses: Carbide milling cutters are generally mainly used in CNC machining centers, cnc engraving machine. It can also be installed on an ordinary milling machine to process some hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials


The main cutting edge of the carbide end mill is a cylindrical surface, and the cutting edge on the end surface is a secondary cutting edge. An end mill without a center edge cannot perform a feed motion along the axis of the milling cutter during operation. According to the national standard: the diameter of the end mill is 2-50 mm, which can be divided into two kinds of coarse teeth and fine teeth. The diameter 2-20 is the straight shank range, and the diameter 14-50 is the taper shank range.

There are two types of standard end mills, coarse and fine. Coarse tooth end mills have 3 to 4 teeth, and the helix angle β is larger; fine tooth end mills have 5 to 8 teeth, and the helix angle β is smaller. The material of the cutting part is high-speed steel, and the shank is 45 steel.

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