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BTA Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machines

Introduction of zk21d series of machine: this series of drills adopt the method of internal chip removal for drilling and machining.

Product Description

Introduction of zk21d series of machine: this series of drills adopt the method of internal chip removal for drilling and machining. There are two types of drill pipe: single pipe and double pipes. The single tube is BTA Deep hole drill and the double tubes is ejetor drill.

The drill bit is usually connected with the drill pipe by screw thread, and its connecting part is circular section, its rigidity is higher than gun drill, and its production efficiency is 2-4 times of gun drill. However, limited by the chip removal space of the tool system, it is mainly used for the machining of holes with diameter ¢ ≥ 16mm, and the tools can not be reground. The workpiece rotates or is fixed, and the drill pipe rotates and feeds.

The feed guide adopts rolling guide, which has high hardness, stable movement and long precision. There are many kinds of workpiece clamping forms, such as double chuck, chuck with hydraulic center frame, inner cone top plate, etc.

The preferred equipment for deep hole machining of large quantities of rotary shaft parts is suitable for mining machinery, machine tools, molds and other industries.

T2120G T2120G/1 BTA Drilling Machine

Purpose of machine: This machine is a special machine for processing cylindrical deep hole parts. It is suitable for drilling and boring cylindrical deep hole parts. When boring, oil feeder is used to supply oil. Through the cutting area, the chips are discharged to the chip hopper at the head of the machine. During drilling, the internal chip removal (BTA) method is adopted, i.e. oil is supplied by the oil feeder. Through the cutting area, the chips are discharged from the inside of the drill pipe to the chip removal hopper at the back of the bed.

The machine is controlled by PLC, the reciprocating motion of the oil feeder and the feed carriage is controlled by servo motor, and the transmission is driven by rack in the middle of the two guide rails, which ensures the accuracy and rigidity of the feed transmission in the ultra long motion. Protection is installed on both sides of the bed, and the above ground oil tank structure is adopted to improve the machine environment. The machine tool can be equipped with two sets of automatic or manual high-efficiency tools, which greatly improves the machining efficiency of the machine tool.

The machine is a kind of deep hole boring machine with convenient operation, control, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Main Parameter

Project nameT2120G T2120G/1
Drilling diameter rangeΦ40mm ~ Φ80mm
Boring diameter rangeΦ40mm ~ Φ200mm
Center high400mm
Boring depth range1000 ~ 10000mm
Chuck diameterΦ400mm
Center frame clamping diameter rangeΦ50mm ~ Φ400mm
Spindle speed range, series50 ~ 800r / Min third gear 12 levels
Main motorN = 30kW
Feed speed range5 ~ 2000mm / Min (stepless)
Feed motorN = 4.5kW servo motor
Granter motorN = 4.5kW servo motor
Cooling pump motorN = 5.5kW N = 1440r / Min (four groups)
Cooling system rated pressure2.5MPa
Cooling system flow100 200 300 400L / Min

·Standard accessories

If equipped with frequency conversion motorSpindle rotation range, series60 ~ 1200r / Min third gear stepless
Main motorN = 37Kw frequency conversion motor
T2120G / 1 is equipped with 15Kw, speed 40-500r / Min boring bar box
Add the function of drilling small holes to process 20-40mm diameter holes

The above products can be equipped with CNC system: Beijing KND-1000M4; Siemens 802D or FANUC system, which is selected by the user.

TK2150 TK2250 CNC deep hole boring machine

TK2150 CNC deep hole boring machine is a new generation of CNC deep hole boring machine developed by our company, which embodies our company's leading position in domestic research and development of deep hole boring machine. Compared with the T2250A CNC deep hole boring machine series, the TK2250 CNC deep hole boring machine series has the following characteristics and advantages: It adopts the SIEMENS 802D CNC system produced by the German Siemens company. 2. High-precision helical racks are installed on both sides of the carriage bed; Siemens servo motors are used as feed motors. The feed motor slows down through the reduction gearbox and meshes with the racks on both sides of the machine bed to achieve the feed motion. 3. The servomotor is used to control the movement of the oil injector, which makes the operation more convenient.

TK2250 CNC deep hole boring machine does not have the drilling function, the boring bar box is optional, and the remaining functions are the same as TK2150 CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine.

Main technical parameters

Project nameParametersProject nameParameters
* Bore diameter rangeΦ100~Φ550mmMotor power of boring bar box22kW
Boring depth1000~12000mmFeed motor power7.75kW Siemens
Spindle center height625mmCooling motor power5.5kWthreegroups
Spindle four-jaw chuck clamping diameter rangeΦ110 ~ Φ750mmHydraulic pump motor power1.5kW
Center frame clamping diameter rangeΦ110 ~ Φ750mmCoolant rated working pressure0.36MPa
Spindle through hole diameterΦ130mmCooling system flow300 600 900L/Min
Taper hole at the front end of the spindleMetric 140 #CNC systemSIMENS 802D
Spindle speed range3.15 ~ 315r / Min level 21Quick moving speed of carriage2000mm/Min
Speed range of boring bar box60 ~ 300r / MinPrecisionIT7~IT8
Through hole diameter of spindle of boring bar boxΦ75mmMachining surface roughness (fine boring)Ra1.6~3.2µm
Taper hole at the front end of the spindle of the boring bar boxΦ85mm 1:20Roundness (measured on 300mm)0.03mm
Feed speed range3 ~ 2000mm / Min steplessCylindricity (measured on 300mm)0.04mm
main motor power30kW

·Note: With * function, it is exclusive for TK2150 CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine.

TK2250 is a double rack transmission structure, which is different from the ordinary structure screw.

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